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 Raised Praise TM
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Raisedpraise.net dance flags
 is a Christian website that raises the praises of Jesus with beautifully designed china silk fabric banners. 
Praise dance flags for Christian worship. Worship flags for praise dance and worship service. Get them here at Raised Praise Bannerflags for worship. Charlotte Todd Leonard
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My Beginning
R P Banners began in 2007. Through a series of supernatural events  God  manifested Raised Praise Bannerflags for Worship.    I create all the ministry tools that you see on this site.  I don't and will not sell products!  The ministry tools on this site are just as I've said, ministry tools!  Every hand crafted, hand made ministry tool that leaves this studio, leaves here with an anointing from the Lord.  The Lord has given me an understanding that we are not to take HIS name in vain. The banners that read JESUS, Emmanuel, Adonai  have been given to me by a mandate from Heaven. I take it very series when I put the Lords name on anything that I've painted. The first inscruction  I was given was to be sure not to take His name and use it for my gain but for HIS gain. We must never take His name in vain but His name is precious, never to be used in performance dance or performance ministry. We present our flag/banner dance unto the Lord as according to the word of God! 
Psalm 107:32
Let them exalt him in the assembly of the people and praise him in the council of the elders.
When purchasing a flag or banner from R P Banners please know that these tools that you've received are heaven sent!!!!

Definition for flag

A common piece of bunting or similar material, admitting of various shapes and colors, and waved in the wind from a staff or cord for use in display as a standard, ensign or signal.


It is probable that almost as soon as men began to collect together for common purpose some kid of conspicuous object was used as the symbol of the common sentiment, for the rallying point of the common force. In military expeditions where any degree of organization and discipline prevailed, objects of such a kind would be necessary to mark out the lines and stations of encampment and to keep in order the different bands when marching or in battle.

In addition, it cannot be doubted that flags or their equivalent have often served by reminding men of past resolves, past deeds and past heroes, as to arouse to enthusiasm or family pride and honor of personal devotion, patriotism or religion, which as well as upon good leadership, and numerical force, success in warfare depends.  It appears that several companies of the Egyptian army had their own particular standards.   These were formed of such objects as there is reason to believe, were associated in the minds of the men with feelings or owe and devotion.  Sacred animals, boats, emblems of figures, a tablets bearing a kings name and fan and feather=shaped symbols were raised on the end of a staff as standards and the office of bearing this was once taken as an answer to prayer, and an assurance of celestial aid.  It was for with adopted as the danish flag and called the dannebrog.  The principal varieties of flags borne during the middle ages were the pennon, the banner and the sstandard. The guyhommes or guidons, banderolls, pennon cells, streamers of pendants, may be considered as minor varieties.  The pennon as a purely personal ensign,sometimes pointed, but more generally forked or swallow-tailed at the end.  The banner was, in the earlier days of chivalry, a square flag, though at a later date it is often found greater in length than in depth, precisely as is the case in the ordinary national flags of today.  In some very early examples it is found considerably longer in the depth on the staff than in its outward projection from the staff.  The banner was charged in a manner exactly similar to the shield of the owner, and it was borne by knights bannerett and all above then in rank.  As a rough guide it may be taken that the banner of an emperor was 6 ft. square for a king.

As the function of the banner was to display the armorial bearings of the dignitary who had the right to carry it, is evident that the square form was the most convenient akin to the shield of primal heraldry. In fact, flags were originally heraldic emblems, though  in modern devices the strict laws of heraldry have often been departed from. They was looked upon as one of peculiar privilege and honor, somewhat similar seen to have been the customs of the Assyrians and Jews.  Banners and standards and ensigns are frequently mentioned in the bible.  Every man of the children of Israel shall pitch by his standard with the ensign of their fathers house.

*Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear s the sun, terrible as an army with banners.

The Persians bore an eagle fixed to the end of a lance, and the sun, as their divinity , was also represented upon their standards.

Figures of animals, as the wolf, horse, bear and others were borne, and it was not till a later period that the eagle became the special standard of the legion. 

Early flags were almost purely of a religious character roman missionary agustine said to have borne a banner which silver crosses were displayed. The national banner of england for centuries, the red cross of st. George was a religious one, in fact the aid of religion seems ever to have been sought to give sanctity to national flags and the origin of many can be traced to a sacred banner and in notably the case with the oriflamme of France and the dannybrook of Denmark.  King alderman of denmar, leading, his troops to battle against the enemy in 1219, saw at a critical moment a cross in the sky. This was once taken as an answer to this prayer, and an assurance of celestial aid. It was adopted as the danish flag and called the dannebrog. Before the declaration of independence the flags of those colonies which now form the united states of America were very various.  In the early days of new england the puritans objected to the red cross of st. George, not from any disployalty to the mother country, but from a conscientious objection to that they deemed an idolatrous symbol, by the year 1700 most of the colonies had devised badges to distinguish their vessels from those of england and of each other. On the 14th of June 1777 congress resolved that the flag of the united states be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the Unionbe thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation. The was the origin of the national flag, but at first, as the number of the stripes were having seven white and six red stripes, and at the other times seven red and six white, and it was not for some considerable time it was authoritatively laid down that the latter arrangement was the one to be adopted.      


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It's a new day 2014 (new banner)
50 x 75


50 x 75
Restored and Rejoice (two new designs)
I use china silk because of its light weight and ease of use. My flags have a nice secure casing to fit on light weight crappie fishing poles which I sell on the site also. 
I have endeavored to create a unique set of bannerflags that speak what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the church.  I have dedicated myself to design glory bannerflags and proclamation and praise bannerflags (Christian Flags) that speak a message or word that edifies the body of Christ. I hope that you enjoy browsing through this site.  Please don't hesitate to stop and view all the pages on the navigation bar.  I hope you will find something that you'll like. Please feel free to contact me any time. I would love to
speak with you. If you would like to order using your credit card please don't hesitate to phone in your order or order through my website.  If you have a desire for me to make you a custom design please just let me know.  blessings,  Charlotte   


 Several years ago I began creating church banners or praise flags for our children and youth in my Church.  In my heart I knew that using church banners was a beautiful way to express our worship to God, but they also needed to be edifying to the body of Christ, not just one's self. I realized that there needed to be more understanding in the banner ministry, so I began a journey that has ultimately led me to fashion a series of banner type flags that I believe has been inspired by the Spirit of the Lord and will edify the WHOLE body of Christ.  (1 Corinthians 14:24)   My heart is to bring understanding and clarity to the banner ministry.
I will refer many times through this site as having bannerflags.  The china silk flags are like banners in that they display
words , or a message, but are flags because of their drape on a pole, hence the bannerflag. 


                                                                                                                                                I BELIEVE THAT:

Lifting up the names of Jesus can bring an awesome presence of the Lord during worship and brings a clear message to the believer or the (unbeliever). 1 Corinthians 14:24.  As you lift up kingdom words on a " banner flag" and proclaim those words  you encourage the body of Christ.  What I describe as personal worship flags, dance, or praise dance flags are those that one would use for an individual or group dance presentation, or just for personal use.


I received this scripture from  a Pastor many years ago. I know that God gave this to me as one of the mandate scriptures for this site.

Psalm 63:1-5

O God, You are my God; Early will I seek You; My flesh longs for you in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water.  So I have looked for You in the sanctuary, to see Your power and Your glory.  Because your loving-kindness is better than life. My lips shall praise you. Thus I will bless You while I live; I will lift up my  hand in Your name.  My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness, and my mouth shall praise You with joyful lips.